quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011

long hot summer night

anoraak - long hot summer night
autolux - the bouncing wall
bent - a ribbon for my hair
boris - attention please
christian gleinser - coming around again
colour kane - a wasteland tale
manicure - the dream
my little pony - i do remember
nicole atkins - hotel plaster
nine inch nails - a warm place
nitin sawhney - footprints
oh land - perfection
oleg kostrow - elyssee theme
papercut - end of a love affair
parenthical girls - careful who you dance with
sister crayon - here we never die
stateless - i'm on fire
that ghost - to like you
warpaint - lissie's heart murmur
you can’t win charlie brown - over the sun/under the water

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