domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

first communion 103

princess chelsea - machines of loving grace
govinda - higher and higher
man without country -  ebb & flow
weeknd - loft music
amazing -  when the colours change
still corners -  the twilight hour
lulu gainsbourg - bonnie & clyde
katy goodman - what she said
small black -  all the rainbows
whip angels - confessions of a supersensual man
sleep over - outer limits
saycet - easy
loka - exit
leyland kirby - polaroid

terça-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2012

domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

first communion 102

kitten - panic
death in the afternoon - like a wall
pacific! feat. el perro del mar -  unspoken
creep feat. holly miranda - animals
primary 1 feat. nina persson -  the blues
blonde redhead - magic mountain
scarlet chives - easy come  sit
parenthetical girls - don't give up
blueflowers - make me stop
high highs -  open season
kasper bjoerke feat. the pierces - does not matter (trentemoeller remix)
princess chelsea - ice reign
dala - last night i dreamt that somebody loved me
still corners - cuckoo
esben and the witch - hexagons i  (the fall)

segunda-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2012

first communion 101

tiger baby - you 
david holmes - i heard wonders 
marie madeleine - swimming pool 
uh huh her - same high 
charlotte gainsbourg - heaven can wait 
blueflowers - the lovely ones 
do - too insistent 
poliça - fist, teeth, money 
trentemoeller - even though you're with another girl (i blame coco version) 
washed out - amor fati 
au revoir borealis - the winter room 
sunbears! - you will live forever 
weeknd - rolling stone 
young man - enough

segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012

first communion 100

gift - primavera
st. vincent - the party
sarah nixey - when i'm here with you
ive mendes - another way
stateless - i'm on fire
harrys gym - the dharma bums
club 8 - everything goes
barzin - won't you come
warpaint - lissie's heart murmur
nitin sawhney - koyal (songbird)
moto boy - a room without you
perry blake - so long
american dollar - time
vangelis - love theme (blade runner ost)