sexta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2009

black and wihte days

animal collective - winter's love
antony & the johnsons - everglade
azure ray - if you fall
boozoo bajou - flickers
burning hearts - we walked among the trees
caetano veloso - michelangelo antonioni
czars - my funny valentine
fujiya and miyagi - rook to queen's pawn six
headless heroes - just like honey
loney dear - distant lights
nitin sawhney feat. reena bhardwaj - ek jaan
our broken garden - visible to you
peer raben - concerto alevta
rothko and caroline ross - an open vein
sigur rós - heysatan
sofia talvik - my james dean
susumu yokota and rothko - deep in mist
u2 - october
yagya - as it is

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