domingo, 19 de julho de 2009

don't turn around (dedicated to swedish friends)

air france - june evenings
air france - never content
anna järvinen - tänker inte säga mer
bridal shop - whale in da pain
club 8 - everything goes
club 8 - hopes and dreams
concretes - lonely as can be
detektivbyran - generation celebration
detektivbyran - om du moter varg
ideal husband - the ritornello
jose gonzalez - heartbeats
kleerup with lykke li - until we bleed
knife - kino
knife - na na na
koop - koop islands blues
little dragon - twice
lo-fi-fnk - wake up
love is all - felt tip
lykke li - i'm good. i'm gone
lykke li - time flies
norma - empty hands
pacific - hold me
sad day for puppets - blue skies
zeigeist - bunny
zeigeist - wrecked metal

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3 comentários:

filipe brito disse...

... specialy to the bands that helped me doing gothenburg's itinerary.

David Lima disse...

seu blog é demais!
Especialmente as coisas suecas.
Já morei lá e amo a música que eles fazem.


neil hannon disse...

I would like to live in sweden
When my work is done
Where the snow lies crisp and even
’neath the midnight sun