quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2007

i like this music

nicorette - windtalker
cut copy - hearts on fire
modest mouse - dashboard
au revoir simone - a violent yet flammable world
golden boy feat. miss kitten - rippin Kittin
isles - major arcana
whitest boy alive - dead end
kosheen - your life
lcd soundsystem - time to get away
malcom middleton - loneliness shines
wilco - leave me (like you found me)
nina hagen - wir tanzen tango
bent - leavin' me
postmarks - weather the weather
air - napalm love
tristeza - bromas
dollboy - china
swayzak - speakeasy
field - from here we go sublime

2 comentários:

antónio disse...

a fx dos bent é de q álbum?...

filipe brito disse...

bent - intercept! (2006)