terça-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2007

Ivo Watts-Russell

bauhaus - terror couple kill colonel
beirut - prenzlaurberg
blonde redhead - falling man
clan of xymox - louise
cocteau twins - beatrix
colourbox - the moon is blue
dead can dance - saltarello
dif juz & liz fraser - love insane
his name is alive - her eyes were huge things
kendra smith - stars are in your eyes
lush - monochrome
marrs - pump up the volume
mojave 3 - breaking the ice
nick cave and lydia lunch - some velvet morning
pale saints - kinky love
piano magic - a return to the sea
pixies - hey
red house painters - mistress
thievery corporation - lebanese blond
this mortal coil - i want to live
throwing muses - green
wolfgang press - cut the tree
xmal deutschland - searchlights

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