terça-feira, 23 de agosto de 2011

what i heard and what would like to hear at paredes de coura

battles - race out
battles feat. kazu makino - sweetie & shag
blonde redhead - doll is mine
blonde redhead - misery is a butterfly
crystal castles - black panther
crystal castles and health - crimewave
deerhunter - agoraphobia
deerhunter - helicopter
delorean - grow
esben and the witch - done because we are too menny
esben and the witch - swans
joy formidable - cradle
joy formidable - heavy abacus
kings of convenience - the build-up
maika makovski - fleshback
metronomy - a thing for me
metronomy - she wants
pulp - babies
pulp - razmatazz
warpaint - lissie's heart murmur
warpaint - elephant
wild beasts - hooting & howling
you can’t win charlie brown - over the sun _under the water

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