sexta-feira, 26 de junho de 2009

sad yellow reactor

ane brun - headphone silence (henrik schwarz remix)
chicks on speed - art rules
chicks on speed - vibrator
crystal method feat. emily haines - come back clean
crystal method feat. justin warfield - kling to the wreckage
data - verdict
deportees - when i feel too free
jens bader - wrapped in nostalgia
kasabian - thick as thieves
la roux - in for the kill (lifelike remix)
lexy and k-paul - abrakadabra
lovers love haters - dead end trail
madness - on the town
magic wands - kiss me dead
metric - help i'm alive
orbital - funny break (one is enough)
pony up - manchild
rainbow arabia - i know i see i love i go
sonic youth - malibu gas station
sounds - midnight sun
valerie and friends - starlighter

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