sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008

i amsterdam

air france - collapsing at your doorstep
air france - never content
atlas sound - ativan
bang gang - i know
cat5 - sexy
crystal castles and health - crimewave
damon and naomi - e.t.a.
fairmont - darling waltz
feist - my moon my man
gina and tony - in my way
guillemots - kriss kross
helicopter girl - its not fetish
helicopter girl - satan's seventh bride
je suis animal - beginning of time
kitty grant - glad to know you
late night alumni - seemingly sleeping
liliput - die matrosen
liza minelli - oh babe, what would you say
mixel pixel - favorite sweatshirt on
morrissey - everyday is like sunday
olga kouklaki - how do you feel
zia - slammin

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