sábado, 14 de junho de 2008


alif tree - belle
beach house - astronaut
cat power - where is my love
cocorosie - good friday
feist - one evening
goldfrapp - paper bag
hooverphonic - one
jevetta steele - i'm calling you
katerine - parlez-vous anglais mr. katerine
lady & bird - run in the morning sun
martina topley-bird - poison
maximilian hecker - polyester
mice parade - double dolphins on a dime
milla jovovich - satellite of love
morcheeba - the sea
musetta - we will fade out
nancy sinatra - these boots are made for walkin'
product.01 - heart ov glass
rodrigo leão - lonely carousel
saint etienne - only love can break your heart
scout niblett - relax
smoke city - it's amazing
this mortal coil - several times
vincent gallo - laura
yonderboi - pabadam
zeigeist - wrecked metal

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