quinta-feira, 15 de maio de 2008

the last book named sex

bloc party - positive tension
brian jonestown massacre - you look great when i'm fucked up
clinic - corpus christi
emma pollock - acid test
glasvegas - geraldine
kosheen - empty skies
lakeside x - sway
les baton rouge - c'est qoi ça
mackintosh braun - i wont fall
midfield general feat. robots in disguise - on the road
miusha - an accident
moi caprice - my girl you blush
moi caprice - to the lighthouse
morrissey - suedehead
pacific - hold me
santogold - say aha
sébastien tellier - manty
the last shadow puppets - calm like you
the last shadow puppets - standing next to me
two banks of four - junkyard gods
uh huh her - not a love song
uh huh her - wait another day

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