sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

erotic comics

b 52's - rock lobster
beach house - astronaut
buckaneers - cold morning
cramps - bikini girls with machine guns
cut copy - zap zap
ellen allien (feat. apparat) - way out
ellen allien (feat. quarks) - konigin
great lesbian show - pipi longstrum goes to l.a.
hercules & love affair - athene
hexstatic (feat. b+) - a different place
kg - spectre (musiques pour mangas erotique mix by computer pink)
kirsty maccoll and evan dando - perfect day
luk - yaponska
lykke li - this trumpet in my head
messer chups - sex change
mirage - lady operator
morcheeba - fear and love
pop dell' arte - poppa mundi
prince - erotic city
reno - thinking about the good times
stereo total - ich weiss nicht mehr genau
strokes - reptilia
supersystem - miracle
vanessa paradis - divine idylle
winona - celebrity
zombie zombie - before night falls

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