quarta-feira, 26 de março de 2008

kyoto mon amour

as in rebekkamaria - noreen
austin lace - to ronald
b-52's - love in the year 3000
barbara carlotti - les femmes en zibeline
breeders - night of joy
clare and the reasons - pluto
clare and the reasons - pluton
firefox ak - everytime i ride my bike
fm new popular music - killing an arab
forest city lovers - at the border
gerry mitchell and little sparta - the empress
ginger ale - le grand sommeil
gregor samsa - rendered yards
jade - ready
jori hulkkonen feat. justine electra - errare machinale est
klimt - heaven
leandra - naked eyes
mixel pixel - so regal
portishead - we carry on
roxy music - love is the drug
rubies - diamonds on fire
strawberry whiplash - who's in your dreams
zita swoon - quand même content

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Zito disse...

muito boas escolhas, gosto particularmente da "heaven" dos klimt