sexta-feira, 2 de julho de 2004

Temas ultrarecomendáveis:
!!! - up now
>> pardon my freedom
carl hancock rux - apothecary rx
>> i got aname
>> eleven more days
dead dombo - vol.1
>> eléctrica cadente
>> rumbero
double u - life behind a window
>> there is a chance
>> blind colors
>> secret love
iron & wine - our endless numbered days
>>naked as we came
>>cinder and smoke
kings of convenience - riot on an empty street
>>i'd rather dance with you
lucien-n-luciano - blind behaviour
>>alain brito
perry blake - songs for someone
>>lies lies lies
post industrial boys
>>post industrial boys
>>break in
sun kil moon - ghosts of the great highway
>>carry me ohio
violet indiana - russian doll
>>beyond the furr

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